Montag, 28. Juni 2010

Hellboys Dad

oder Ted Munats Botschaft an die Besucher von TOTC...

Die Munat-Brothers sind wirkliche fabelhafte Jungs und ihr Einsatz für die Barkultur ist mindestens so gross wie ihr Humor. Vielleicht kann sich ja der eine oder andere noch an Hellboy als Barback erinnern, das war meine absolute Lieblingsserie im Le Mixeur-Blog. Ich liebe und verehre diese Seite von Teds Humor, ganz anders aber auch sehr gelungen ist dieser Artikel!
Sein Bruder Cha(rle)s ist die andere treibende Kraft der West Coast Libation und er ist einer der wichtigsten Förderer der Bartender-Netzwerke in Seattle und Portland.

Howdy folks,

We will be having our "industry launch" at Tales of the Cocktail at the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans, July 21-25. Copies of Left Coast Libations will be for sale throughout the week at the Tales bookstore, located in the lobby of the Monteleone.

Thursday, July 22nd, from 12:30-1pm I will be at the store signing books and breaking hearts. Please come by and see me, hold me, kiss me. According to my schedule, we will be at the signing table right after Left Coast Libations Mentor Robert Hess, so come down early and make a party of it! Plus, Robert has promised to stick around during my session to sing a half-hour long, a capella version of "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Actually, he promised no such thing, but it's just the type of things that tends to happen at Tales, don't you think?

At the same time I'm signing books, others in the LCL brigade will be visiting with Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur in their tasting room, also at the Monteleone. We'll have some books back there as well, and be making a drink or two from Left Coast Libations featuring Canton. Canton will also be making cocktails, so stop by and sip on something free and delicious while curling up on a comfy chair and reading your shiny new copy of Left Coast Libations. Don't spill ginger liqueur on it though.

We're working on some other things as well, so expect an update or two before July 21. And if any of you have events happening at Tales and would like to invite LCL to horn in on your racket, let me know.

ta ta for now,

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