Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

Zacapa Drinks

oder die Rezeptideen vom Worldclass-Workshop Berlin...

Name of drink: TAZA DE MANZANA

60 ml Zacapa 23
10 ml Falernum
1 Barspoon Muscovado sugar
30 ml Cream
¼ Apple

Glass: Tea Cup

Way of preparation:
‐ Muddle the apple
‐ Add all ingredients
‐ Shake well
‐ Double strain into the tea cup
‐ Serve a fresh apple strudel

‐ Cinamon powder
‐ Carmalized applepeal
‐ Silver platter for dessert and tea cup

Name of creator: Tom Zyankali, Caroline Krahmer, Jan Rauschert


Name of drink: Mary loves Tiki

50 g Fresh pineapple
1 cm Red chili
200 ml Sherry Fino
50 ml Zacapa 23
150 ml Tomato juice
3 Pinches salt
1 Barspoon dijon mustard
½ Spoon Pimento Dram

Glass: Tumbler (frozen)

Way of preparation:
‐ Muddle pineapple and chili
‐ Add all ingredients
‐ Throwing all
‐ Strain into the glass on two ice cubes

Decoration: Chili and lime quarter

Name of creator: Torsten Spuhn, Olli Rinkenbach, Alexander Zienert,
Torsten Zillmer


Name of drink: Grand Début
40 ml Zacapa 15
10 ml Sugar syrup
15 ml Fresh limejuice
3 Cape gooseberry
3 Leaves of basil
1 Dash Zacapa Bitter

Glass: Sour Glass (frozen)

Way of preparation:
‐ Muddle all ingredients
‐ Shake on ice
‐ Double strain into sour glass without ice

Decoration: ‐

Name of creator: Steffen Dittmar, Oliver Gwinner, Lennart


Name of drink: Duck Sauce

45 ml Zacapa X.O.
15 ml La Ina Sherry dry
5 Barspoons fresh mango
3 Dashes Zacapa Bitter


Way of preperation:
‐ Muddle mango
‐ Add Zacapa X.O. and Sherry Fino
‐ Lightly wet the spoon with bitters and stirr with ice
‐ Double strain in a pre chilled cognac glass

Decoration: Duck canapée by side ;)

Name of creator: Andreas Berg, Kathrin Abels, Sven Maywald

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