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what is Triobar
and who is he...

A post especially for all my english-speaken readers, fans & friends


The Institute of Applied Bar Culture

Welcome to the world of spirits and liquid enjoyment.

Experience an evening in an alternative cocktail bar.

Enjoy and rediscover cocktails from the past...

The Triobar awaits you...

Actualising the dream

For years I dreamt of having my own bar. It was to be a different type
of bar, focussing on quality spirits and content. I wanted to make
old-fashioned cocktails, but realised that there were still many hurdles
to overcome. I needed to do some research. Thus I read, observed, asked
questions and questioned answers, heeded advice and spent lots of time
working behind countless counters; all of this to finally be able to see
my dream come true.

-My very own cocktail bar-

My private bar had been very popular with both friends and guests for
years. Enjoying the exquisite variety of spirits in the privacy of my
home was, however, only a first step; it was meant to become more than a
bar around which good friends could socialise. How was this to be
achieved? I was in need of help and competent advice.

After countless discussions with helpful colleagues and people in the
industry, I began to realise how much still needed to be figured out and
how very bumpy the road towards my goal would be, but I persevered.

Of course much credit is also due to the moral support and understanding
shown by my soul mate, whose reassuring attitude produced a sense that
nothing could stop us. We soon bound ourselves together at the altar,
and I was blessed to become one with this extraordinary women. That same
year my bar opened and it is thus that you have been able to find out
about me and this website.

Discover the world of cocktails and taste the possibilities that await
you beyond standard Caipirinhas or Long Island Ices Teas.

Dare to step into the world of spirits and experience the vast variety
of both famous and infamous spirits from around the globe.

Yours truly,


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