Samstag, 16. April 2011

Reserve Brand Junior Camp

or second row to the front, please

The idea for the Reserve-Brand-Junior-Camp was conceived some time ago. With the support of DIAGEO I would like to create a platform especially designed to give young and inexperienced bartenders, including women, the chance to participate in tastings and workshops. These should be set up in a way for basic as well as special skills to be learned or at least tried out. The Reserve-Brand-Junior-Camp is also intended to help those new to the field connect with internships and other short-term job opportunities and integrate with other related professional networks.
The monthly Jour-Fix is an event highlight at which participants can meet for a relaxed gin and tonic, to have the chance to share their experiences in the bar business and also discuss ideas in the forum of mini-workshops revolving around various bar themes.

I’m looking forward to seeing new faces and everyone who would like to learn something!
Beginners and those switching careers are expressly welcome!

The first meeting of the Reserve-Brand-Junior-Camp
was on April 4, in the Triobar.
The second will be May 3, also in the Triobar
(this time the Workshop is about Communication in the Bar)
Come together and join us...
Please register via SMS at 0163-2075677

Later the Jour-Fix will take place on the first Monday of every month.

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