Freitag, 15. April 2011

Oh, I know, I know...

or, it’s on the tip of my tongue

Of course I know, it’s (uhm, one second please, crap, it’s... uhm... silence)
Those who claim that this has never happened to them are probably lying, since our sense of smell often fails us. We, of course, are to blame.
No sane human being would just go and run a marathon without having trained for it, but we claim to be able to taste all kinds of nuances, without ever having really trained our olfactory sense.

The key to a refined sense of taste is the olfactory memory, which is developed through regular tastings where the scents and aromas are accurately associated and described. Too often however, these tastings involve experts rather than beginners.
Understandably, no bar owner or bartender is thrilled if it is suggested that he’s a beginner in matters of tasting spirits. But thus far, no master has fallen from the sky.
Wine connoisseurs, whiskey experts, and other such professionals aren’t born with these innate skills. They have all learned them!!

Dare to take the first step and test your knowledge!

In my capacity as Reserve Brand Ambassador for DIAGEO, I invite you to the great Aroma and Tastingworkshop on May 5., 2011 from 7.30pm to 21:30pm in the Finest Whisky Store.

It’s a workshop intended for those who are called upon to rely on their tongues and noses, and which will show how important it is to regularly train your sense of smell and taste.

We will present you training that will clearly show:

What are my strengths?
What are my weaknesses?
How can I improve?
How does the sense of smell work?
What do I need to pay particular attention to when tasting?

The Tasting costs 30 euros per person.

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